1. Who can write reviews?

Former students of the relevant Language School can write a review.

However, we do not accept reviews from former students that are currently employed or affiliated with the Language School.

2. I am an intern at the Language School, can I write a review

We do not accept reviews from interns. Due to varying regulations by school and country as to the classification as an intern as either an employee or volunteer, as well as differing levels of financial remuneration, we currently have a blanket rule to not accept reviews from interns.

However, if you were a language student at the Language School prior to or after your internship feel free to write a review of the Language School based on your time as a student there.

3. What controls are in place against false reviews?

All reviews are moderated prior to publishing. We have a series of algorithms in place to identify false or fraudulent reviews. All reviewers are required to submit a valid email address and LanguageTripReviews may require evidence of studies be submitted prior to publishing a review.

If, after publishing, a Language School believes a review to be false or violates our terms and conditions the review can be denounced. In this instance the review will be re-moderated and may be deleted permanently.

LanguageTripReviews has a zero tolerance policy for false or fraudulent reviews. Repeat offenders will be blocked.

4. Are Language School listings free?


There is no charge to be listed on this site. LanguageTripReviews is an independent review web site for language schools and aims to be a comprehensive reference and source of information on language schools world-wide. We wish to provide a complete database of language schools worldwide and as such basic listing is, and always will be, free.

5. A school is listed that no longer exists.

If a school no longer exists, please inform us. We will remove the relevant listing.

6. What if I want to add a school and the location has not yet been listed?

Please notify us of the location of the Language School. We will list the relevant location within 24 hours.

7. Does a Language School receive notification of a negative review.

At this stage, LanguageTripReviews does not provide this service.